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Drink Chia! Hits the Road!

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Mark your calendars…. Drink Chia! is hitting the road in the next couple of days at the  Track Shack. On September 1st , Drink Chia! will be taking strides at the Track Shack autograph signing party, sponsored by the Xxtra Mile.

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Sally Edwards

Sally Edwards

The event features, Sally Edwards, best-selling author, professional runner and triathlete. Founder of Fleet Feet Sports and Heart Zone USA, Sally is also the developer of Upbeat Workouts and Zoning Fitness. Stop by , run with Sally and Drink Chia! starting at 6:00 p.m.  Contact Track Shack for more information: (407) 898-1313

While you’re there, find out more about how Drink Chia! can help you stay hydrated during and after your most intense workouts. Chia seeds absorb 12 times their weight in water, and help your body maintain much needed fluid and electrolytes while you’re working out. The benefits of chia seeds are amazing and give your body what it needs for any active lifestyle.

So come on along to both events and learn a little more about taking care of yourself, the benefits of chia seeds and how you can Drink Chia!

Shake up your life. Shake up the planet. Just shake it, baby!

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