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Julie Broughton pegs Drink Chia! as “Mom-invented, Mom-approved”!

In her ClickOrlando blog “Being Broughton“,  Julie Broughton pegs Drink Chia! as one of three products she recommends as “Mom-invented, Mom-approved” for Mother’s Day.  Check out the article to find out more.
Julie Broughton is a Meteorologist/Reporter for Local 6 News (CBS) in Orlando.

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Drink Chia! in Spotlight

Drink Chia! gets a shout-out from Men’s Fitness as a perfect on-the-go snack for pre-or post-workouts.
Well, we’ve tried it and it’s not bad at all. In fact, Drink Chia makes a pretty good pre-workout beverage. Because chia seeds absorb about 10 times their weight in water, getting your fix in this form can help you stay hydrated longer.
Check […]

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Life by Design with Krystal reviews Drink Chia! through Vitacost

Life By Design with Krystal gets her hands on some Drink Chia! from Vitacost.

I’ve had chia seeds in my smoothies, but this was my first time having them in a lighter drink… and I loved it!

Check out her review to see what she has to say about our delicious chia seeds beverage!

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Savvy Saving Couple reviews Drink Chia! through Vitacost

Reviews, savings, and giveaways blog Savvy Saving Couple received Drink Chia! from Vitacost. Check out her blog to see what she has to say about our delicious chia seeds drink!

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Drink Chia!, Hungry Girl’s newest obsession!

Hungry Girl, run by Lisa Lillien, is a free daily email subscription about healthy food and eating. Hungry Girl also airs on TV, showing with the Food Network, Cooking Channel, and is a frequent contributor to the Dr. Oz Show.
For her October 17 issue, Lisa has this to say about Drink Chia!
My newest obsession, though, […]

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Sushi and Sit-ups reviews Drink Chia! our nutritious chia seeds beverage.

 Jessica of “Sushi and Sit Ups“ tries some Drink Chia!
I usually don’t gravitate toward lemon flavored foods or drinks, but the flavor [of Bmeyer Lemon] wasn’t overly sweet or tart. It was perfect for after the gym. I really enjoyed it!
Check Sushi and Sit-Ups review of our delicious chia seeds beverage!

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Drink Chia! Giveaway from MamaBreak

MamaBreak is having a Drink Chia giveaway! Head on over and enter to win a 12-pack case and t-shirt. Giveaway ends next week, so don’t wait to enter!
Check out her earlier review of Drink Chia!
We are now Drink Chia drinkers in our house!
Be sure to follow her @MamaBreak and don’t forget to Shake It Baby!

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Run Like A Girl: Drink Chia! Review and Giveaway

Megan, from Run Like A Girl, reviews Drink Chia! and offers a giveaway! Head on over and see what she has to say about our refreshing chia seeds drink and how you can enter to win some.

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Jill Will Run tries some Drink Chia!

Jill Will Run, a blog about running, health, and body image, has posted a review of Drink Chia!, our delicious chia seeds beverage. Take a look!

I was given the opportunity to try Drink Chia! and was very excited to do so. While some people may cringe at the idea of drinking something with little seeds floating around in […]

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Drink Chia! Spring Newsletter

 Hey Drink Chia enthusiasts! We’re shakin’ it with New Balance!  Brighton Cafe, the watering hole of choice for the creative minds at New Balance, is now carrying Drink Chia!  We want to be the go-to drink to keep their bodies hydrated and their brains on point.  Who knows what genius ideas may come with a […]

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