Lemon Blueberry

Nutritional information for Drink Chia! the chia seeds beverage
For us, Drink Chia is so much more than an chia seed drink.  It is our platform to truly shake up the planet by helping others to achieve their goals and dreams.  Whenever we can, we set out to form meaningful partnerships with friends and organizations that share that same passion.
But that’s not the best part.  What we are truly most proud of is that a portion of the proceeds, or proSEEDS, as we like to say, from each sale of Lemon Blueberry will benefit the D12 Foundation, a not-for-profit organization founded by the NBA’s own Superman.  The mission of the D12 Foundation is to change the lives of children both home and abroad, and it is one that we are proud to support.  Their motto is “To plant seeds, cultivate them, and watch them grow.”  What a perfect tie-in to a chia seed drink!
D12 Foundation  BMeyer Training
Tangy lemon with the subtle hint of blueberry.