Drink Chia! Testimonials

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Drink Chia! is not just for outdoor adventurers and fitness junkies. It is a convenient way for everyone to add a healthy hydration component to fuel their bodies

-Mark Theisen
Fitness Trainer & Co-founder 

DrinkChia, loved your drink. So healthy for our runners!

- J. Davis Charlotte, NC

Tastes delicious after teaching my spin class!”

- C. Howell, Boca Raton, FL

Love the strawberry citrus and it was an easy way to get my chia! Thanks!

T.  Tuszynski, Chicago, IL

Thank you so much for sending the samples. They are a hit in the office! I really like the added texture of the seeds and they taste great. Defiantly innovative and nothing like I’ve ever tasted before.

-Thomas Truitt, Chicago, Il

This was some delicious stuff…and it’s unbelievably healthy. Can’t wait to pick some up at Track Shack!

C. Sobering, Orlando, FL

Just bought some at Chamberlin’s in Dr. Phillips. Awesome! Also love supporting a local company :)

D. Alves, Orlando, FL

Great stuff!! I chug one after every run!

H. Nichols, Orlando, FL

Very refreshing after my 20 mile run this morning!

H. Lammons,  Winter Park , FL

It’s quite delish and refreshing when you do a 12 hour run – I had 6 of them throughout the night!

B. Wenner,  Charlotte, NC

We always enjoy our Drink Chia fix!

The Wicked Crew

I  just tasted my first Chia (strawberry citrus) and LOVE IT! Found some at The Meat House, Winter Park, which I LOVE TOO! Thank you!!

M. Melanuk,  Winter Park, FL

Personally, I love chia seeds and DRINK CHIA particularly for fueling during or before a run. It tastes amazing, first and foremost (:  These little miracle bottles come in three flavors!  Honeysuckle Pear, which was my favorite, Strawberry Citrus, and Mango Tangerine … …more

- The Freckled Foodie Blog

I recently got sent three of their drinks for review, and I really enjoyed the strawberry citrus. It tasted similar to Propel Zero; very mildly sweet. They use stevia, and therefore only had to use a little bit of evaporated cane juice. Only 4g of sugar! I’m a fan.” …more

- Chef Katelyn Blog

We love CHIA! we love @DrinkChia we be #fitfluential we be crazy

Carla Birnberg, MizFitOnline.com