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Health, Beauty & Sweet Homelife talks Chia Seeds and Drink Chia!

Health Beauty & Sweet HomelifeHeather Hesington of Health Beauty & Sweet HomelifeHealth, Beauty & Sweet Homelife (HB&SH), is a fun blog by “runner, wife, dancer, believer, barre instructor, and animal lover”, Heather Hesington. She has some great things to say about chia seeds and Drink Chia!

Chia seeds provide protein, good fats and fiber, and its uses are comparable to flax or sesame seeds.  You can eat them whole, sprinkle them on top of your meals, or even drink them. That’s right… DrinkChia!

I was recently introduced to Drink Chia! and tried it for the first time after my run yesterday.  Right away, I was sold by the nutritious benefits, the naturally sweet flavor, and the Omega-3 content.

Check out her website for more!

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