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“Making the Decision”

Fight to B the FittestOver the last month and a half, I have observed some incredible people transforming their bodies by participating in the “Fight to B The Fittest” workout program.  The program was developed by Bryan to get people on a progressive workout program, challenge themselves, and provide the structure to achieve their fitness goals…oh, and of course coach Dave made it fun too!
It was incredible to see such real physiological changes in such a short time period.  Sure, I’ve watched the biggest loser, and other reality show programs whereby people are whisked away to a camp for weeks at a time, so I knew it was possible, however to see it first hand was special.
Having spoken with and watched a good amount of these “fighters” workout, I saw a common theme emerge.  The challenging workouts, positive reinforcement, and better nutrition were all elements, but more importantly the people that wanted to make large transformations did in fact make them.  It sounds simple, but when I sat down and thought about what I observed, that was it.
Surely, it was a combination of all of the above, however the main catalyst of change was from within.  I’m not trying to be Malcom  Gladwell here, but in all seriousness, it takes commitment and mental energy to better yourself and it comes from within.  Without the discipline your likelihood of achieving you goal, is rather irrational.
Take a look at the clip showcasing a few participants out of the twenty or so that battled it out.  (There are a couple of Drink Chia shout outs, but that is not the intent)

The topic of this short blog is “Making the Decision”, and those that made the decision to better themselves, achieved incredible results.
So, why is this relevant to “Drink Chia”?  Well, in fact it relates to one of the most important pillars we believe in which is to “Shake up your Life”.
The concept to “Shake up your Life” doesn’t necessarily mean being adventurous or transforming yourself physically, but it does imply making a decision to do something.  It implies doing anything to make yourself or others better, to challenge yourself to do something outside your comfort zone, to essentially shake up your life a little!  When you choose to shake it up in a positive way, you in fact Shake up the Planet and make a positive impact to others as well.
Making a decision to do something different involves emotional and behavioral changes that are challenging and aspirational which is why I’m so proud of the “fighters” that did shake up their lives!
Overall, it is empowering to see people willing to challenge themselves and achieve a short term goal.  So if you want to achieve something, make a conscious decision to do it!
Congrats to you all.  I wish you all the best and look forward to watching the transformations continue!  Stick with it.  If you want something, go get it, make it happen.  Stay focused and determined to maintain that level of fitness you have attained.

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