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How to Rock the Tough Mudder: 4 Sure Tips by Drink Chia!

Tough MudderMark, Brooke, Gideon, Bryan and I participated in the Tough Mudder on  December 3rd.  The race is a 12.5 mile obstacle course designed by ex-Special Forces operatives… Was it tough?… well it didn’t disappoint (maybe Mark and Bryan and bit), but we also felt we knew the keys to success.

First, watching the Tough Mudder website video will freak you out.  The great marketing and promotional videos will make you think you will be fried by electric wires, bloodied by barbwire, and exhausted from wall climbs.  Bryan and Gideon didn’t even know what they were showing up for and that was a good thing.  (Three of our friends bailed after watching the video)
We’ve been asked numerous times since this “what would I have to do to get through a Tough Mudder?” So do you really want to know the key for rocking the Tough Mudder?
Four musts:
  1. Hydrate and fuel really well in days coming up to the race.  Drink Chia! and water were the beverage staples for us.
  2. You need stamina under you belt and it helps to be in decent shape (upper body strength is a good idea). 12.5 miles is a haul especially is slimy, muddy old tennis shoes.
  3. Don’t think about the obstacle that is in front of you- just go for it (but beware of the bone snapping holes at the entrances to the mud).  Fear is powerful and thinking about what you are about to do will mess with your head.
  4. The MOST IMPORTANT element is to have a great team.  Go with a true team that will stick together as a group and have a good attitude through the whole messy event.  Moral support, high fives, and hugs and is what helps through leg cramps, being pulled over walls, getting bruised up, slogging through mud/manure.  I couldn’t have made it without our motley crew.

Drink Chia! team at Tough Mudder 2012

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