Drink Chia, What's Shakin'?

Energy Drink Concerns or Misuse?

Last week Drink Chia was asked to participate in a little question and answer on television.  The topic pertained to energy drinks and their recent criticsm.

Being someone who happens to love the red bull brand, culture, media brilliance, and overall swagger, I was cautious taking the interview.

After walking in and instantly getting a microphone up my shirt, I was ready….I guess… With no time for preparation and having never spent anytime behind the camera, I was like ok, Bob (the TV anchor), let’s do this.  321 go….  I held back my urge to do my best impersonation of Will Ferrels anchorman slogan “stay classy San Diego”, and Steve Carrell in Bruce Almighty.

Slightly distracted by the split screens, it was over before I knew it… I was like, ah, what did I say?

Here is how it all went down.

The topic is worthy of recognition, although the over usage of these products by irresponsible persons is normally the culprit of their anecdotal side effects.

I’ve used mild stimulants on and off for training, for keeping my sanity entertaining a bunch of little ones in the boat and for our all nighter work demands.

You surely will not see me chugging a few vendi americano’s or a energy drink everyday that’s for sure.  To suggest that beverages should be removed from certain marketspace is powerful.  The larger topic for discussion is, why everyone needs all this energy anyway.  People drink some beverages to keep them up and others to fall asleep.  If they made better choices with the food they ate they could naturally keep themselves balanced.

People have the ability to problem solve, evaluate, and make decisions, thus to thwart that process is invasive.  But hey….these drinks do make people more energetic contributors to the world right.  I’m sure that their short term power have led to some incredible solutions to much bigger issues than contemplating their usage.


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