Drink Chia

Dr. Gideon J. Lewis tells us about co-developing Drink Chia!

Drink Chia Co-Founders, Dr. Gideon LewisOver the past year, after I decided to fully get involved with co-developing a health drink, I have been extremely attentive to the drink industry. I cannot help but to analyze every drink bottle while in places, such as grocery and convenient stores, grab-in-go retails, and drink coolers. Then I wondered how most shoppers (you and I) go about in selecting all these beverages. Is it based on the label design, bottle design, drink color, commercial marketing, ingredient list, nutritional panel, and the list goes on…. I have been so amazed about the reasons behind how people chose their drink of choice. It is hard to believe how little people read the ingredient list and nutritional panel.

Finally, what has amazed me most is how so many consumers are still consuming so many drinks that are so HIGH in sugar. Newsflash!! Diabetes is the most rapidly growing chronic disease of our lifetime!! We all have our go-to drinks that we are all used to consuming. For example, I would drink either water or some type of colored/flavored sports drink while playing sports, only because I always saw professional athletes on television using these drinks. This thought caused a huge hesitation on developing a drink. But after much thought, I realized how awesome it would be to create a drink using one of the worldʼs most nutrient-dense ingredients! There was no way I was going to pass up on the opportunity!

Drink Chia, nutrition in every bottleAfter many months of research, taste testing, flavor developing, nutritional consulting, artwork designing, and bottle idea brainstorming…….we finally developed our perfect creation. A Low Sugar, High Omega-3, Low Calorie, All Natural, Gluten-free, Sodium- free, Cholesterol-free, and Delicious Chia Seed beverage.

But wait….we have to call it something?? Hmmm…. well why not just Drink Chia!

Hope you continue to enjoy this journey as much I have. Go continue to Shake up your Life, Shake up the Planet, and just Shake it Baby!

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