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After completing graduate school at UC Berkeley in 1969, Sally served her country in the American Red Cross during the Vietnam war. Returning home in 1972, she taught school for three years before founding her first of a half-dozen businesses Fleet Feet Sports, retail sports store in Sacramento, CA. During the next 17 years, she grew the company to 40 retail locations and $20 million in retail sales. In 1993, she sold the company and co-founded YubaShoe Sports Snowshoes, which she sold in 1996. Her entrepreneurial drive drove her to launch Heart Zones USA, the education , training, and coaching company in the health, sports, and fitness channel. Heart Zones USA licenses its branded and proprietary program, HZT, Heart Zones Training to schools, health clubs, coaches, and weight loss.

Upbeat Works App, from Sally EdwardsSally is the co-founder and contributes generously to the charity of her heart, Team Survivor, an exercise programs for women who have survived cancer that she co-founded. Sally was inducted into the  Triathlon Hall of Fame in 1999. Recently, Sally founded Zoning Fitness, a new cardio program that uses The Blink heart rate monitor and Upbeat Workoutsan iPhone app for runners. Today, at the age of 63, she lives an “active healthy living” lifestyle in Sacramento, California as a professional athlete, businesswoman, author, and keynote speaker with the passion and the plan to get America fit.

Sally EdwardsAs for her athletic accomplishments, Sally is a legend in the world of triathlons and long-distance running having completed over 150 races. She has won running races from a mile to a hundred miles including qualifying for the 1984 Olympic Trials. She has won the prestigious ultramarathon – the Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run and the American River 50 Miler. She was on the winning Race Across America team finishing 3,200 miles in 7 days. Sally has finished 16 Ironman Triathlons setting the former master’s world record of 10 hours and 42 minutes. But her celebrity athletes status truly comes from helping 350,000 women cross the finish line of the Trek Women and the Danskin Triathlon over the last 22 years. She volunteers to be dead last in each – she has a streak of 150 “last place finishes” so that no other woman has to finish last.

Sally Edwards

Sally is the author of 23 popular and best-selling books on health and fitness, the creator of the original heart rate training system, Heart Zones Training. Three of her most popular titles: Triathlons for Women, The Heart Rate Monitor GUIDEBOOK, and Be a Better Runner are available for sale. Sally Edwards is an accomplished runner and businesswoman woman who is driven by the most important muscle in your body – the heart.

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ZONING, by Sally EdwardsYou can read about her new book titled ZONING on her new site:

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