Laura Peifer

portrait_Laura_Pfiefer_blankLaura Peifer “MommyRunFast”




Laura is a mom, MSW social worker, part-time spin instructor, runner and healthy living blogger. She is training at Integrative Nutrition to launch a holistic health coaching business. She enjoys family time, hiking and time outdoors, reading, cooking, organic gardening and dark chocolate.

How do you or how would you like to Shake up the Planet?

Through my blog, I hope to inspire people (especially moms) to be active and eat whole, natural foods. I recently started a program through Integrative Nutrition, training to be a holistic health coach. I look forward to giving presentations and working with people one-on-one to meet their health goals in ways that also encourage awareness of the connections to the earth and our environment.  

How do you Shake up your Life?

I challenge myself by setting goals for running road races, from everything to a 5k to a marathon. I got certified to teach spin last year, so I now teach twice a week. Staying active keeps me energized and motivated to tackle goals in my personal life and career as well. I also love to cook, bake healthier goodies, and experiment with new finds at the farmer’s market. 

How do you Shake it Baby?

There is always more that can be done- more ways to touch other people’s lives, encourage others, teach about health and wellness, and lead by example. I’m now moving my career in this direction so that my passions can be tied to my daily work. 

What is your profession?

I have a Master’s in Social Work, specifically in non-profit development. I’m passionate about work that has an impact. I’m enrolled at the school of Integrative Nutrition and am signing up for a running coach certification. I’m now tying my nutrition and fitness interests into my work, and plan to start my own business in the next year where I coach others in their fitness, health, and nutrition goals.  

What is one achievement you are most proud of?

Getting certified to teach spin and running my first marathon were two times when I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and had was rewarded with an incredible sense of satisfaction in doing so. By far my most rewarding achievement was giving birth to my (now 3 year-old) daughter naturally, and learning through trial and error how to raise her so far!  

Favorite music/band?

That’s tough! I like just about any kind of music, from the pop culture songs I use in spin class, to classical to bluegrass. One of my favorite bands at the moment is a small bluegrass band called the Steel Wheels.  

What do you like about Drink Chia?

I love that Drink Chia combines organic, fresh ingredients in a quick, easy drink that is perfect for fueling, recovery, or any time of day. It’s a non-threatening way to introduce people to the goodness of chia seeds. I love that the flavors are light and not too sweet. And I’m thrilled that my daughter enjoys the drinks as much as I do!
I also love how Drink Chia was founded, and always enjoy supporting the smaller companies.

Anything else you want to tell us?

I’m excited to continue to work with Drink Chia!