Katie Gagliano

Katie GaglianoKatie Gagliano – “Healthy Diva”





Katie_Gagilano_image1“Healthy Diva” is a healthy living blogger, supermom and super wife. As a teen mom, Katie’s amazing accomplishment was working hard to support her son and herself while remaining positive and preserving through hard times. She lives by these words “Be You, Be True, and Be Happy!

How do you or how would you like to shake up the planet?

I shake up the planet by putting good out into the world and living the healthiest and happiest life each day!

How do you shake up your life?

I shake up my life by trying new things, always improving on things I need to improve on in my life, and just staying bubbly!

What is your profession?

Healthy living blogger, supermom, and super wife!

 Favorite music/band?

I like any music that can make me shake it baby! :)

What do you like about drink chia?

What’s not to like? I love the taste, the nutrients it provides, and a great way to get my omega 3’s in which are important to get in daily!

Anything else you want to tell us?

Be you , Be True, and Be happy! #shakeitdiva