Heather Hesington

portrait_Heather_Hesington_blankHeather Hesington – “Housewife Glamour”


Heather is the face behind Housewife Glamour, a blog revolving around Health, Beauty, Fitness, Fashion, Entertainment and Traveling.

She defines herself as a “girl-on-the-go” and has always maintained a healthy, active lifestyle. Dancing since the age of 3, she continued competitive dance at the University of South Florida, followed by four years of dancing professionally for the Orlando Magic.

Beyond movin’ and shakin’ on the dance floor, Heather is a barre instructor and a runner who stays active in the community.  She will race in her first half-marathon in March and has included Drink Chia! into her weekly training routines.
People often ask when’s the best time to Drink Chia. I say any time.  Whether it’s after a workout, by my side at the computer, or running errands in the car, I’ve enjoyed the nutritious and refreshing taste in all flavors. Keep shakin’ it baby.