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Cameron KirkconnellCameron Kirkconnell





Cameron is a world-class waterman and free-diver. Having traveled to every continent, 65 countries, boasting 12 world records, and saving his friends lives in-between, he is an unbelievable individual, and we are excited to have him involved and spreading his love of the ocean.

When did you start fishing and diving?

Ever since I can remember.  My dad used to take me on his trips offshore here in Florida, and my grandparents are from the Cayman islands, so I guess it has always been in my blood.

What’s ur favorite place if you had to shack up with your wife the rest of your life?


Free-diving tool of preference? Underwater camera or pole-spear?


Best fish or crustacean to bring to the table?

Small YellowTail

Favorite way to cook it?

Cook the entire fish

You are a writer as well, any future plans to write or produce videos?

Yea, from my blog and travel has opened up some incredible opportunities.  Perhaps some television work one day, but for now I have quite a few magazines that I will be contributing to.  I don’t know, maybe one day National Geographic?

Cameron KirkconnellI’ve seen some shots with you and salt-life, electric, yeti etc… How did all these great brands find you?

Yea, I’ve been fortunate to meet some incredible people doing what I love to do.  I’m so excited that they share the same passion.  My sponsors definitely keep my fish cold (, perfect my guns (, eyes covered (, and clothes on my back (  So, I’m definitely fortunate to have their support to pull off the crazy trips that I get to go on.  They found me just through my network of friends and through my own efforts.

How do u shake up your life and the planet?

I hope that my efforts through the blog and my interactions with others that I help spread my passion for the ocean.  Not just hunting, but giving opportunities to others to see how beautiful the ocean is through my camera work.  I hope that my efforts in regards to education and awareness provide a level of technical knowledge sharing that will save lives.  At the end of the day, our sport is dangerous, so I hope that people respect the sport and prepare themselves accordingly.  I hope that my message does this.